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As mentioned before, the creator and director of CR Matty Films, Cynthia Matty-Huber, started her career capturing western lifestyles and scenery through photography. While she had the opportunity to work with John Hoiland filming her three documentary shorts, she was able to shoot incredible photos of John. Explore a gallery of CR Matty Photography’s striking images of elderly rancher John Hoiland below. Read More.

Studio portrait of John Hoiland
Close up of elderly rancher
Rancher with old car
Rancher standing in field next to fence.
Rancher looking out a window onto his property.
Elderly rancher playing the accordion.
Rancher sitting on his childhood home.
John Hoiland and Friend
Studio Portrait of rancher
Rancher in the Summer next to vintage farm truck.

About the Photographs

These photographs successfully capture the raw beauty and simplicity of John Hoiland. They showcase the things that make John truly happy, his friendships, family, and land. In addition to the things he cherishes most, the photos capture the pure joy that John radiates. Whether he is having a conversation or playing the accordion, John always has a positive outlook and playful spirit.

By taking a closer look at John in these stills, you get a glimpse into his way of life. The dirt plastered on his clothing, hands, and face, exemplifies the hard-working man that John is. Looking at the wrinkles on his skin and his shoulder-length grey hair reminds viewers of the experiences this man has had throughout his lifetime. Every wrinkle is representative of his memories, laughs, and even heartbreaks. 

Sometimes it is easy to fear aging; however, these photographs show how extraordinary life is. As one ages, their appearance may change, but their energy remains unchanged. Aging is only the proof of the life one has lived, the knowledge one has gained, and the memories one has experienced. There is something so unique and admirable about these images of John that we hope viewers are able to see for themselves. John is living proof that age is just a number, he sets out to live every day with the spirit of a teenager, and we can confirm he does just that.

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