John was born May 24, 1927, in McLeod, Montana where the homestead his family established in 1906 remains in his care. Working alongside his parents on the 940-acre cattle ranch his family established on the border of the West Boulder river just east of Livingston, John continues to work. When his parents died, their chores became his. At the age of 92 John runs the ranch unassisted.

I am Still Here

I am Still Here

After spending an entire year with John in 2018 creating the short documentary 'Where Home Has Always Been,' Cynthia decided his story felt unfinished. In 2019, Cynthia began working with John again, reimagining what it means to be an elderly rancher. This film gained popularity in the festival sector, winning 'Best Documentary Short' at Feel the Reel International Film Festival, as well as multiple other awards and nominations. Read more about the film and its achievements below.

In this documentary, viewers get a more detailed perspective of who John truly is. Watching him live his typical day allows viewers to feel the humble, joyful, and grateful spirit John radiates. While some may consider him an ordinary man, he has experience ranching incomparable to modern ranchers. John comes from an era where ranching thrived, and he has dedicated his life to the open land. 


‘I Am Still Here’ displays the simplicity of John's life that brings him joy and fulfillment every day. He still lives on the same land, in the same house, doing the same activities he did as a child. Most people could not imagine living that lifestyle, making John's narrative unique and fascinating. It is endearing to watch the immense happiness light up John's face when he gets to share his story and lifestyle.


In this Documentary, viewers get a glimpse into a lifestyle that has given John a community, friends, family, and countless memories. In addition to all the positive aspects of John’s life, viewers also see the hard work and dedication it takes for a 92-year-old man to maintain his ranch. Without help from those around him, John would struggle to continue living his lifestyle. Thankfully, he has wonderful friends and neighbors that help him fulfill his dream of protecting and preserving his ranch. 



Feel the Reel International Film Festival (2019) - Best Animation

Spotlight Documentary Film Awards (2020) - Winner

Global Shorts, Los Angeles - September Winner

The Monthy Film Festival (2021) - August, Student Film of the Month Award 

The Monthly Film Festival (2021) - August, Documentary of the Month Award 


Film Festival Best AnimationDocumentary Film Award


New York State International Film Festival (2020) - Official Selection

Big Sky Film Festival (2019) - Official Selection

New York State International Film Festival Official SelectionBig Sky Film Festival Official Selection

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